The future of work, and Africa’s No 1 Freelance Platform: Hello, Digiworka!

September 9, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Announcement,Article

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If you’d ever spared a thought for the changing times, the fast leaning of humans on technology, and the enhancement of visibility and productivity through technology, chances are you have thought about businesses, companies, and self-employed people going digital and you’ve wondered if soon, very soon, all the jobs and opportunities won’t be online. If you’ve also considered the unemployment rate and how many people seem to be looking for jobs, out of jobs, or shuttling in between jobs, by now you’d have quite a number of thoughts. Take for example Nigeria, research has shown that the unemployment rate has now hit a 12.1%. Maybe that isn’t scary enough so consider it in these words: the total number of those actively seeking employment, according to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, has risen to 78.9 million, in the second quarter of 2016. That’s right, that number is correct.

What is the future?

It is no longer news that the future belongs to those who can leverage the myriad of opportunities technology provides, to improve their lives and productivity. Individuals and companies are asking: How can technology improve my work especially my visibility? How can technology be incorporated into my business so that I can survive and be a key player in the digital age? Can I even get jobs online? What is the possibility of working from the comfort of my home and still making money? Without further ado, individuals and companies have come to one conclusion. There is only one future: the digital one.

What are you doing about securing your spot in this future?

While the answer to this question cuts across different areas, let us look at the future of work. If the future is a digital one, then the future of work is digital. This simply means quite a number of things and in my next post, I will talk about that but for now, what this means, is that opportunities now for anyone willing to work and can leverage technology. This also means, among other things, that unemployment will likely not be a reality for anyone who knows how to use digital platforms to enhance their success in the process of finding and getting work.

Hello Digiworka?

Digiworka, Africa’s No 1 freelance platform, is a new platform that connects anyone with digital skills (you can do anything through tech, you’re tech savvy, you render technological services or services clients can access online like graphics design, web development, copy editing, etc.) to those willing to pay for those skills. Basically, from the angle of those rendering services, Digiworka finds you jobs; from the angle of those paying for those services, Digiworka helps you get quality services. Amazing, isn’t it? To think you can meet clients on this platform, to think you can access quality services here, to think you can work from anywhere and get paid as soon as you render your services…amazing.

Digiworka is now launched and it’s in beta. It is wise to get on board now and check things out, let the team know how they may serve you. Yes, you can make that demand about service now because this platform was created for you. This is, your platform.

Things are not the same anymore. Forget blue or white or green (whatever the colour) jobs and go on board Digiworka. Register and key into this opportunity. Access the future of work!